The 2016 rookie class was never going to be as high-powered as previous groups, and after the injury to Ben Simmons, that was especially true. Still, no one could have expected one of the leading candidates for Rookie of the Year to be a second-round pick, but that is just what has happened, as the Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon has turned in an impressive campaign. 

“The Prez,” as Brogdon’s teammates call him, was the 36th overall pick last summer, but you would never know it by watching him play. Brogdon has started 26 games for MIlwaukee this season, and is averaging 10.3 points, 4.3 assists, and 2.8 rebounds per game, while shooting over 40 percent from downtown, which leads all rookies. 

Plus, he dunked on Kyrie and LeBron in the same game, which I’m pretty sure no one else in the league has done this year. Or possibly ever. 

As teams often do for their players who are up for awards, the Bucks were planning a campaign to promote Brogdon’s candidacy for being named top rookie. Brogdon, however, asked the team to donate the money instead. 

This is a pretty awesome gesture from Brogdon, who seems to have a pretty good head on his shoulders