LeBron James is the ultimate equalizer. Despite everything the Raptors did to come back from their deficit against the Cavaliers and tie the game, it all meant nothing in the end. If there is a way for James to cause pain for the city of Toronto then he will find it, because that's all he seems to do these days.

His latest stomping on the heart of Toronto came on a game-winning shot in the Cavs' 105-103 Game 3 win on Saturday. Credit to Kyle Lowry for dragging the Raptors back into the game, and OG Anunoby for hitting the shot needed to tie it up. However, when it came time to hit the biggest shot of the game, James did what was needed. He drove the full length of the floor, rose up, and hit an off-balance, one-footed, one-handed floater off the glass.

This is absurd. Everybody knew James was going to take this shot -- all that was in question was how he would choose to do it. A step back? A dunk? A pull up from 3-point range? None of those. Just a floater against perfect defense -- and then he called glass while he did it. That's mean, disgusting, and it shows just how incredible James can be when he's locked in.

The Cavs now take a dominant 3-0 series lead over the Raptors with their win. Nobody in NBA history has managed to come back from a 3-0 series deficit. A series is never over until it's over, but it's hard to see the Raptors coming back from this -- especially after a game as emotionally draining as this one.