Kyrie Irving is out for the entire playoffs after complications from knee surgery, Daniel Theis is out for the season after he tore his meniscus, and multiple role players have sporadically missed games for a variety of reasons. Simply put, the Celtics have had a difficult time with injuries. It feels like they are being held together with duct tape.

On Monday, Boston finally received some good news. Marcus Smart could be cleared to return to game action six weeks after his surgery on April 27. Smart last played on March 11 before complications with his UCL forced him to get surgery.

Smart returning to the lineup would be a huge boost for the Celtics. Terry Rozier has been the only true point guard on the roster since Irving went down, and at one point he was hurt as well with an ankle injury. As a result, the Celtics recently had to play with Al Horford and Greg Monroe as acting point guards. The return of Smart would bring more talent back to the roster and depth to avoid players playing out of position.

Smart is expected to be cleared for game action by April 27. If that timeline holds, he could return near the very end of the first round of the playoffs or by the start of the second round, depending on how the Celtics fare in the opening round. The first round of the NBA playoffs begin on Saturday.