While the NBA has yet to make any official announcements regarding when the 2019-20 season will resume, the league is reportedly heavily favoring using Disney World as the sole host to play out the remainder of the season. On top of that, teams are also expecting guidelines from the league on June 1 in regards to when workouts can be expanded, with an eye toward playing games in the middle of July

There's still a significant amount of time between now and then, and several hoops the league needs to clear in order for that to be a possibility. However, teams have reportedly been told that they would be permitted to bringing approximately 35 people -- including players, coaches and staff -- inside the campus-like environment the league would be setting up in Orlando, per the New York Times' Marc Stein.

When teams travel for away games, they typically travel with parties greater than 50 people. Cutting that down to 35 people is going to force teams to evaluate who is an absolute necessity to bring inside the bubble. At least 20 of those spots will be players and coaches, leaving 15 open spots for training staff, physical therapists and any other members of the basketball operations team. Not to mention, the general managers and owners of each team who will likely want to be in attendance for these games.

In order to make this environment as safe as possible, it's ideal for the NBA to limit the number of people to lower the risk of COVID-19 spreading. It's not ideal circumstances by any means, however, both the owners and the players have been vocal in wanting to continue the season if at all possible, as long as it's under safe conditions. Teams have already begun to open up practice facilities, and in some areas, players and staffers who are entering team facilities have been given permission to get tested -- whether showing symptoms or not -- so long as they have written authorization from local health officials.

The league hopes to get to a point where it can test all players and people within the bubble every day to ensure safety for everyone involved. The smaller the traveling parties for each team, the lower the risk will be for the virus to spread.