After another game with physical fouls and chippy play in a win over the Phoenix Suns, Warriors forward Draymond Green told reporters that "teams are trying to punk" Golden State, and that the Warriors are not "gonna get punked."

It's an odd turnabout for Golden State, which played the role of bully so often last year, all the way to a 3-1 lead in the Finals. They've been known for their taunting and tough defense, and Green was suspended in last year's Finals for his hit to LeBron James' groin after James stepped over him in the course of play.

That came after Green was involved in multiple incidents of kicks to the private parts of opposing players without suspension, to the point where the league announced they would make it a point of emphasis this season. (Green has yet to be fined so far this season for such a play.)

Draymond Green says opponents are being too rough with the Warriors. USATSI

There wasn't any particular play that seemed to go over the line between the Suns and Warriors, but teams are early on letting the Warriors know they're not afraid of them.

The Warriors can expect this the rest of the year. They have a target on their backs, and every team that defeats them gets one of their best wins of the year. Stephen Curry was even complaining to the officials about tough, physical defense by 33-year-old Leandro Barbosa.

It's tough being on top.