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What NBA fans should be thankful for this Thanksgiving: Celtics, Sixers, Lonzo Ball

Here's a look at what has brought fans the most joy so far this season

Way-too-early takeaways on the NBA MVP race: Harden has the edge over Curry, K.D.

The Warriors are light years ahead, but James Harden is off to a red-hot start with the Rockets

What we learned from the Boston Celtics' win over the Golden State Warriors

The Celtics earned their 14th straight victory with defense, hustle and heart

The Inbounds: Joel Embiid is a fever dream, and Turkey Watch is in full effect

Plus, the Villain's turnaround, Kemba's value... and oh, man, the Bulls.

Marcus Smart is the NBA's worst shooter, so why is he so crucial to the Celtics' offense?

These shooting numbers don't lie, but they don't tell the whole story

How and why the Oklahoma City Thunder devolve into a horror show in the clutch

From Russ' shot selection to inexplicable collapses, here's why OKC has been so bad in close games

The Inbounds: LeBron, James Harden show two very different ways to score 50 points

Plus, Simmons is thriving in the post, Tatum is playing within himself and the worst alley-oop ever

Stephen Curry says superstar athletes never find living in a bubble 'normal'

Warriors superstar discusses what it's like when you spend every moment in the public eye.

Eric Bledsoe trade winners and losers: Suns, Bucks both do well; Monroe enters a mess

Phoenix wins, but has bigger concerns long-term, and the stakes raise in Milwaukee for coach Jason Kidd

Behind the Cavaliers' defensive disaster -- and, yes, LeBron is part of the problem

The King is the best player on the Cavs but he has had defensive issues this season

Without Kawhi, Spurs at least know answer to Warriors problem isn't LaMarcus Aldridge

A game of diminishing returns for the former All-Star showcases the limitations of what he brings in today's NBA.

The Inbounds: Why Jazz offense struggles with Rudy Gobert; Vucevic's Magic touch

A look around the league at trends, stats, and plays you need to know

Why your NBA team's surprisingly terrific start will eventually turn to disaster

Optimism is for fools. Here's why that best-case beginning will go south for your surprising team

Three-Man Weave: Should we really be worried about Cavs' early-season struggles?

Is this different than all the other regular seasons in which the Cavaliers have underwhelmed?

Three guards making an early leap: Oladipo boosting Pacers; Nets rolling with Russell

Plus, Terry Rozier is bringing the pain on defense for the Boston Celtics

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