Not everyone knows sports. And that’s OK. Because most people don’t know about a lot of topics. History, mathematics, literature, the Royal Family, puppetry, snakes -- there’s just a lot of stuff to know about in the world. And not knowing what the name of the only NBA franchise named after an extinct prehistoric species is shouldn’t be that embarrassing. 

Now, betting all of the money you’ve earned on “Jeopardy!” and being wrong about it? Well ...

That’s just straight brutal. 

A timberwolf does sound ancient, it seems like one of those mutant huge animals from the late Jurassic era. But the Raptors have been around since the ‘90s. They’re the easy pick here. 

Maybe she’s a huge NBA fan, though. Maybe that’s why she bet it all on the Wolves (which this year is just a bad plan no matter the context). She was just so sure and didn’t stop to think about it. You’re on national television and you hear “ancient animal,“ you think the Wolves are more than just wolves, because otherwise they’d just be called the Wolves and not the Timberwolves. 

But yeah, that’s probably going to sting for her for a while.