Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox has a controversial stance on In-N-Out Burger

De'Aaron Fox is hoping to make a significant impact in his rookie season with the Sacramento Kings. But if he was hoping to win over some new fans in California with his food takes, he's off to a rocky start.

The 19-year-old guard recently did a Q&A with Rolling Stone's Seerat Sohi, who asked him about his affinity for breakfast food. Fox found that as an opportunity to provide a scathing review for-N-Out, the wildly popular burger chain in the West Coast. 

Make no mistake about it: Fox is NOT a fan.

I heard you're really into breakfast food. Have you found your favorite brunch spot in Sacramento yet?
Yeah, but I can't tell you because then people are going to meet me there. All I gotta say, you can tell everybody that lives in the state of California this: In-N-Out is not good.

What's your beef with In-N-Out Burger?
Their burgers are overrated. They're OK.

Even Animal Style?
Yes. People always say, you haven't tried this. You haven't tried that. I'm like, "Yeah, I looked up the secret menu. I've tried it all. It's just not good."

That's controversial. What's the best fast food spot then?
Honestly, for me, I don't count Chick-fil-A, because it's way too good to be considered fast food. So I'm gonna say Wendy's. Fat Burger in L.A. is better than In-N-Out. My fans know I keep it real. I've told so many people I hate In-N-Out, it's funny. Now everyone can read about it.

Fox, who was the fifth overall pick in this summer's NBA Draft, grew up in Louisiana and played a year of college ball at Kentucky, so it seems likely he's working with a decent palette. (His high praise of Chick-fil-A also backs that up.) In any case, I can't imagine his strong thoughts on In-N-Out will sit well with his new fan base. 

While I appreciate the boldness of Fox's take, I hesitate to stand behind his assessment of the burger chain. Personally, I think it's a bit overhyped and is nothing to write home about, but they still hook it up with a solid, inexpensive burger that doesn't force you to re-assess your life choices shortly after eating it. The fries are trash, though. Don't even try to come at me (or De'Aaron) about the fries.

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