Kings to reportedly bring back coach Dave Joerger next season despite 27-55 record

The Kings weren't supposed to be good this season. That much was expected, but there was a point where it seemed they couldn't even clear the low bar that had been set. Sacramento was one of the NBA's worst teams before the All-Star break. It had the worst offense, second-worst defense and second-worst net rating in the NBA.

However, a youth-oriented change after the break led to a different Sacramento team. Players like De'Aaron Fox and Frank Mason started to come into their own. Buddy Hield made strides. There was actual development occurring, which is really all the Kings could ask for. This is why, despite their 27-win record, David Aldridge of Turner Sports is reporting that Sacramento has decided to keep coach Dave Joerger. 

Joerger found a balance this season that many coaches struggle with. He figured out how to play his youth meaningful minutes without sacrificing time for his veterans. Obviously, expectations were set at the beginning of the season, and it helps that he had team players like Vince Carter and Zach Randolph on the roster, but this was a well-run franchise -- something a drama-filled organization like the Kings haven't had in the past.

Next season will be the true test for Joerger as a coach. This year wasn't a mulligan, but he had a lot of breathing room to focus on development over wins and losses. The Kings made progress from the start of the season to the end of it and that's a positive sign, but they'll eventually need to start winning more games. 

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