LOOK: Kobe Bryant's retweet saved entire class from taking final exam

NBA legend Kobe Bryant thrived in high-pressure situations during his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now he's helping young students get out of them.

On Thursday, high school student William Pate took to Twitter for a Hail Mary request to Bryant asking for a retweet to get out of a final exam accompanied by photographic proof with a handshake taking place between he and his teacher.

Bryant, as you might expect, gets more mentions per day than many get in a year's time. He doesn't (and shouldn't) reply to all of them. But on Thursday he did, granting the request from Pate that got his class out of a final exam. 

That's quite the gesture from Kobe, who has 11.5 million followers. He almost certainly has better ways of spending his time than playing on his phone and getting kids out of finals, but for a guy whose final game included 60 points and only one assist, in retirement he's dishing it off for others to score.

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