We've seen in years past that LeBron James takes Halloween pretty seriously. He's put significant effort and money into getting his hands on custom costumes over the years -- from Jerome of "Martin" to Prince to Basketball Zorro

Now, we have our latest installment into the LeBron on Halloween series, and it may keep you up at night. Presenting LeBron as Pennywise the Clown from "It."

That ... that sure is something. It's also the best hair day that LeBron has had in a while! 

In all seriousness, James gets points for timeliness, as "It" was one of the most popular movies to hit theaters so far this year, and LeBron made sure to splurge on the updated interpretation of Stephen King's terrifying clown. Pennywise is creepy enough to begin with, but envisioning him as a 6-foot-8 physical specimen is just a little extra frightening. 

The irony here is that Pennywise is a shape-shifter that takes the form of people's greatest fears, so he may actually turn into LeBron James for plenty of NBA players.