If you're like most people, you're probably thinking, "Halloween? It's too early for Halloween." And really it is, with the 31st still over two weeks away. But because of the NBA schedule, the Oklahoma City Thunder have to operate on a bit of a different timeline, so they held their annual Halloween party Saturday night. It's a bash that has produced some memorable looks in the past, and once again the Thunder came through with some amazing costumes.

This time, it was Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison (yes, he is still on the Thunder) stealing the show. The duo dressed up as Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle from the classic basketball movie "White Men Can't Jump."

Just looking at their costumes you can tell they nailed it, but with the side-by-sides from the movie, it's even more impressive. 

Its pretty! Its soooo pretty!! Happy early Halloween!

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Even their wives got in on the costumes. 

This is pretty awesome. 

Apologies to everyone else who was hoping to debut some impressive costumes of their own in a few weeks, but Westbrook and Collison have already locked up any and all costume awards.