If there's one person who will prevent Kawhi Leonard from re-signing with the Toronto Raptors after the season, it might be Serge Ibaka.

Hosting his Raptors teammate on the season finale of his "How Hungry Are You?" cooking show, Ibaka made sure Leonard was "starving" before unveiling the final creation: A pizza topped with pizzle -- also known as bull penis.

"Oh, nah," Leonard said when presented with the dish. "That's out. That's out for me, bro."

Ibaka, of course, encouraged Leonard to enjoy the meal, telling Kawhi that a bull's private parts "have a lot of protein" and  assuring him "it's vegan, too." After some additional prodding, the Raptors' biggest star gave in, telling Ibaka he was going to try it.

"It's not tender, man," he commented after the first couple bites. "You can't really taste it. The pizza's good, though. It's cool -- minus the penis, though. It's just, like, chewy."

Believe it or not, Leonard's delve into exotic foods wasn't the only notable exchange on Ibaka's show, which runs more than 20 minutes. Among other topics discussed on the full episode: Kawhi's braids, which he says he'll never get rid of; burner accounts, which Ibaka tries to get Leonard to admit to using; and Kawhi's future NBA plans.

"Are you coming back?" Ibaka asks Leonard, who is set to hit free agency after the season.

"What type of question is that?" Kawhi responds, before Ibaka offers to repeat the question in Spanish. "I don't know yet."