NBA changes stance on Kinesio tape after Derrick Rose speaks out

Rose won't be allowed to wear this tape to ease his neck muscles. (USATSI)
The NBA has decided to allow Derrick Rose and others to wear Kinesio tape... for now. (USATSI)

The NBA seemingly changed its stance on Kinesio tape on Wednesday, declaring they will in fact allow players to wear it for the time being.

Derrick Rose had told CSN Chicago on Wednesday that the league told him to stop wearing the tape he had been wearing on his neck to ease neck muscles. Shortly thereafter, the league released a statement:

The full statement:

"After a discussion today with Jerry Stackhouse, representing the union, we have decided to allow kinesio tape on an experimental basis so that we can take a fresh look at the possible benefits it might bring to our players."

It's an odd change of policy for the league, which tends to be hyper-strict on accessories, but it makes sense since in reality, this is like a knee brace or an elbow sleeve or anything else. It's geared to help the player physically. It's not like Rose thinks looking like he's got puppet strings sticking out of his back is a good thing. 

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