The NBA will reportedly be taking a page out of the NFL's book during their annual summer league next month. According to a report from SiriusXM Radio's Justin Termine, he was told by Kiki Vandeweghe -- currently the league's executive vice president of basketball operations -- that the league will experiment with a challenge flag during summer leagues. 

Of course, there are already systems in place for referees to review close calls, but those are predetermined by an established set of parameters. There is currently no option for a coach or team to ask for a review of a call outside of what's in the rule book. 

It would certainly add an interesting element to games, especially in the playoffs. We've seen already in the Finals how contentious calls can have a big impact on the outcome. Plus, there would assuredly be some strange moments with coaches losing track of their flag or throwing it when they aren't allowed to, as we've seen in the NFL. 

There will be three summer leagues this season, with Utah and Sacramento running smaller, shorter leagues from July 2-5. Then, all 30 teams will make their way to Las Vegas for that summer league, which will run from July 6-17. This is the first year that every team will be in attendance.