Nike shoe designer tweets after Derrick Rose's injury 'you chose poorly,' apologizes

Some things, it's just not nice to joke about.

Nike shoe designer Jason Petrie said Derrick Rose "chose poorly" on his shoe sponsorship following Rose's season-ending knee injury (Rose is an Adidas man). In reality, it was Petrie who didn't make a wise decision when he hit send on the tweet he wrote yesterday.

Petrie, feeling some immediate backlash for seeming to take a little bit of satisfaction in Rose's unfortunate injury, tried to step back a little.
And then he went into full on damage control mode Sunday morning. Obviously, the original tweet was in extremely poor taste. Petrie was trying to crack wise about something as simple as shoe selection, but it really just came off as petty. Even joking that karma or the shoes itself had anything to do with the injury is just stupid. That's all it is. Stupid.

(Though I do give Petrie points if he was trying to make an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference with "chose poorly." Because I do love that movie.)

Rose, also known as "Pooh" if you didn't know, signed a crazy 13-year, $200 million endorsement with Adidas recently.

Here's the thing: Shoes aren't that important. They're things you wear on your feet to play basketball. It's more about the logo on them than it is about what they're made out of (unless you're wearing Starbury's of course). This is a classic person-tweeted-dumb-thing-move-on-nothing-to-see-here incident. Petrie tweeted a dumb thing about Rose's injury trying to make a joke about how Nike supposedly has superior shoes.

The lesson: Think before you tweet. Especially if you're doing it about a person being injured and you're an opposing shoe designer.
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