Paul Silas shoved Tyrus Thomas in locker room as Bobcats misery continues

Yahoo Sports reports that Bobcats coach Paul Silas shoves power forward Tyrus Thomas after the Bobcats loss Sunday and that the two had to be separated by teammates and staff. 

Silas, 68, had been incensed with Thomas chatting with some Boston Celtics players on the court, and lashed out at him in the losing locker room afterward. Eventually, Thomas snapped back at Silas, and the coach warned him to say no more or risk a suspension.

Once Thomas stood up, Silas pushed him toward his locker stall, sources said.

Bobcats general manager Rod Higgins met with Silas and Thomas, and both have been fined, a source said.

"There was an incident," Higgins told Y! Sports. "We handled it internally and talked to both the player and the coach and moved on. End of story."

via Paul Silas, Tyrus Thomas have altercation in Bobcats' locker room - Yahoo! Sports.

Because that is exactly what the Bobcats need, except that it is diametrically the opposite of what the Bobcats need. 

Thomas has long been regarded as a hothead, so this doesn't surprise. The infraction that started the conflict, though, is a little complicated. It's true that the only way to change the culture in Charlotte to a winning culture is to start acting like it, which will bring the wins and then you act like you're winning which you are. There's something to be said for accountability and setting an example. 


But here's the thing.

This season is a joke for the Bobcats. It's a disaster of untold proportions. It's a nightmare, and it needs to be forgotten. Taking this season seriously for the Bobcats players or coaches is honestly useless at this point. That ship sailed. Is it good that this is the approach Thomas takes? No, but they likely knew that going in. Thomas is yet another mistake in a long line over the past four years. This kind of situation is just making things worse. It's emotions run amuck in a season gone bad.

The Bobcats just need this season to end. Mercifully, swiftly, and try and forget it ever occurred in the first place.  

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