A few months back, during the FBI investigation into corruption in NCAA basketball, the agency raided the office of ASM Sports Agency, a high profile NBA agency. In the raid, the FBI seized the computer of the agency's founder, Andy Miller. 

Miller is one of the NBA's powerful agents, and represented dozens of NBA players, including stars such as Kristaps Porzingis and Kyle Lowry. Following the raid, most of Miller's players stayed with him. However, according to a memo sent to the NBA Player's Association, which was obtained by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Miller has "relinquished his NBPA agent certification."

This, obviously, is pretty big news. While ASM Sports has other agents, and it's possible the players could stay with the agency, it seems likely that they'll be looking elsewhere. 

Agents, of course, play a primary role in free agency dealings, and each agent has their own relationship with each front office. Some agents and front offices have a very good working relationship -- hello Jeff Schwartz and the Milwaukee Bucks -- while some may not get along. 

None of this is the final deciding factor in free agency, but it certainly plays a role. And with more than a dozen players seemingly set to find new agents, this could end up affecting when and where these players sign in the offseason.