Report: Grizzlies' Jordan Adams has incentive to watch his weight

Adams keeping it trim keeps his wallet fat.
Jordan Adams keeping it trim keeps his wallet fat. (USATSI)

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What's the old saying? You are what you eat? For Memphis Grizzlies' rookie Jordan Adams, that may not necessarily be true. According to NBA contract guru Mark Deeks fo, Adams avoiding rich food could make him richer. Deeks says the rookie out of UCLA has bonuses in his contract relating to his body fat percentage.

One of the drawbacks to Adams before the 2014 draft was that he seemed a little pudgy. It wasn't a big deal and it wasn't something necessarily keeping him from being picked higher than 22nd to the Grizzlies. However, it was noted by several people he could stand to keep his weight in check to make sure he's maximizing his body's ability and athleticism. He measured in at 209lbs. while coming in at just under 6'5" for his height. 

It's unclear right now how often the Grizzlies will test the body fat percentage to see that Adams can keep his bonuses. Deeks also notes that Derrick Caracter had a conditional guarantee based on his weight, but the only other contract he could find specifically citing a body fat percentage was Marcus Williams out of Connecticut. 

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