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WATCH: Blake Griffin throws a shoe and hits a Raptors player

He's hitting 3-pointers and catching opponents with shoes

Kristaps Porzingis reportedly signs largest shoe contract ever for a European player

Nike is not expected to match Adidas' multiyear offer

Report: Nuggets' Gary Harris out 4-6 weeks with partially torn groin muscle

This could give rookie Jamal Murray a chance to show what he can do early on in the season

Damian Lillard won't join up with a super-team, wants to slay the 'monster'

This is the course of action for a young point guard to take after a super-team forms

Derrick Rose will play preseason game on Tuesday, fly to L.A. for trial on Wednesday

He's unsure if he'll miss practice next week because of the trial

Thunder's Cameron Payne opts for no surgery, will be re-evaluated in 6-8 weeks

If the bone doesn't heal properly, he'll probably have surgery

Sixers' Ben Simmons undergoes Jones fracture surgery, no timetable for return

Expect the Sixers to be very cautious with the No. 1 overall pick in his return

Dwyane Wade officially begins new era as he makes Bulls' preseason debut

Great intro and those newfangled 3-pointers looked pretty cool

DeMarcus Cousins can't control himself while praising new Kings guard Ty Lawson

Boogie is high on his new Sacto teammate

WATCH: Mavs guard Seth Curry showcases his 3-point skills in preseason game

This family produces volume scorers and really good shooters

Klay Thompson jokes Warriors could score 150 in a game, but they seriously might

This sounds crazy, but it's totally plausible

Pat Riley says Chris Bosh cut off communication with the Heat

This thing isn't getting any prettier for the two sides and what's coming out

Sixers No. 1 pick Ben Simmons fractures foot; timetable for return uncertain

Snakebitten Philadelphia sees another first-round pick with injury

Joel Embiid will start his first career preseason game after two years inactive

The Sixers just started to get some good news before the Ben Simmons injury was announced

Clippers are trying to make their incredible offense quicker, scarier

They don't need to run necessarily but at least get the offense going much quicker

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