With the Golden State Warriors adding Kevin Durant to Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, the absurdity of possibilities has been thrown around in wondering what they can do.

Can they beat last season's 73 wins? Can they go even deeper than 24 games into the season before their first loss? Can they put the rest of the NBA on the back burner and define an era of dominance without ever being challenged? There seem to be a lot of ridiculous things that can happen in the favor of the Warriors.

What about the amount of points they can possibly put up in a game? Thompson was asked about this during media availability and the joking question was whether or not we're going to see some games in which the Warriors score 140 points or more. Thompson went along with the preposterous reality and even joked back that 150 points in a game could be within reach for them.

Can the Warriors really put up these insane point totals? USATSI

Twice last season, a team put up 140 points or more in a game without the help of overtime. One of those games was in January when the Sacramento Kings put up 142 against the Phoenix Suns. The crazy thing is they did it by only hitting nine 3-pointers. They did shoot 60.9 percent from the field overall. The other game was at the end of the season when the Minnesota Timberwolves scored 144 vs. the New Orleans Pelicans behind 13 made 3-pointers and an absurd 65.1 percent from the field.

If those two bad teams can do it, it seems like the Warriors have a shot. The best the Warriors managed last season was 136 vs. the Portland Trail Blazers. They broke 130 points eight times without an overtime period. We haven't seen a team break 150 points without an overtime period since the Phoenix Suns dropped 152 on the Wolves in 2010. The last time the Warriors scored 150 points without an overtime period? They put up 153 points in a 62-point victory over the Kings in 1991.

I think that's about as crazy as we think the Warriors can be this season, right? Assuming they don't blow it.