Ayesha Curry was trending on social media on Wednesday after a video of her "Milly Rocking" went viral. 

People were criticizing the cookbook author and television personality for her dance moves, and took to Twitter to give their take on the video. 

A radio station in New York posted the video that started it all with the caption, "Aye! Did #AyeshaCurry kill her Milly Rock?" which sparked the reaction from fans. 

Some came to her defense, telling people to just let her have her own fun without worrying about if her dance moves were up to par. Others felt the need to make fun of her.

Three-time NBA champion Steph Curry came to the defense of his wife, posting a reaction video on social media. 

Steph commented questioning why so many people would even care about her dancing skills saying, "slow news day today, I see, huh?" 

He then went for the one-two punch, simultaneously bragging about Ayesha and dropping the mic, adding, "Just make sure y'all send me the video of you dancing at your own restaurant opening" before finishing the video by "Milly Rocking" himself.

Ayesha looked embarrassed in the background of the video, covering her face, but as Steph pointed out she probably had the last laugh.