Stephen Curry is one of the NBA's flashiest players, what with his behind-the-back passes, fancy finishes in the lane and deep 3-pointers followed by dancing celebrations. More times than not, his penchant for flair leads to fantastic and memorable plays. Sometimes, however, it can lead to devastating mistakes. 

Such was the case last season during Game 7 of the NBA Finals, when Curry, with just under five minutes remaining and Golden State clinging to a one-point lead, tried to hit Klay Thompson with a behind-the-back pass that instead flew out of bounds. There was plenty of time remaining, of course, so it didn't cost the Warriors the game, but it was a crucial error during one of the biggest games in the franchise's history. 

With a third straight meeting between the Cavs and Warriors in the Finals now just days away, Curry was asked about that moment, which is perhaps his worst in an already storied career. The Warriors point guard said he still thinks about that play, but he's not going to let it change his style -- even on the biggest stage. Via ESPN:

"Yeah, I still think about that [turnover]," Curry told ESPN. "[But] in thinking about that game, it's funny because I know the concept of making the right play, making a simple play, understanding that there are deciding moments in games and the difference between winning a championship or not could be one of those plays. [With that said,] I came out in preseason this year and threw a behind-the-back pass because I have confidence that I can do it and it won't change that."

Yes, that was a bad moment, but this is a good mindset for Curry to have. He became a two-time MVP by playing with style and confidence, and there's no reason to change that just because of one mistake.