Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry finished off this weekend's event by firing off a final-round dud of 86. It landed him in last place for the weekend, but he shook off the sour taste and managed to leave on a high note on the strength of a generous donation to a golfer on the tour.

After the event, it was announced that the Ayesha and Stephen Curry Foundation is donating $25,000 to the GoFundMe account for Tour golfer Scott Harrington and his wife, Jenn, who is in the midst of a battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Harrington isn't on tour at the moment as he takes time away to be with her after she was diagnosed in May for a second time.

Curry told reporters this weekend he shared the news with Harrington over the phone, and Harrington responded with gratitude for his generosity.

"Jenn and I want to thank Ellie Mae and the Ayesha and Stephen Curry Foundation for such a generous gift," Harrington said. "Steph called us personally today to tell us what they were planning to do, and that really meant so much to us for him to reach out like that, and for him and the event organizers to think of us. This has been a very trying few months and there are more difficult times ahead, but we're optimistic that Jenn will kick this thing and get back to the healthy, active life she's led for so long."

Curry gets a free pass for his last-place finish in California after this kind gesture to a fellow golfer.