Playing like a man possessed, Russell Westbrook scored or assisted on 24 consecutive Thunder fourth-quarter points to bring Oklahoma City all the way back from a double-digit deficit against the Lakers on Tuesday. The Thunder even took a one-point lead with less than 14 seconds left in the game and it appeared like Westbrook had led his team to another victory. But unfortunately for Westbrook and the Thunder, Nick Young had other ideas.

Stealing a pass that was intended for his teammate Lou Williams, Young drilled a shot from well behind the arc that ended up securing the 111-109 victory for the Lakers:

Young was ecstatic after the game and celebrated by pointing to his arm and saying he had "ice in his veins," an homage to a celebration D'Angelo Russell did last season.

Swaggy P's fun continued after celebrating as he acknowledged afterward that he did indeed take the ball from Williams. But Young also jokingly wondered why he wasn't credited for a steal.

"I stole the ball from Lou," Young laughingly said. "I just felt like I wanted to take the shot, man."

Truer words have never been spoken, but luckily for the Lakers, Young's feelings helped get them their eighth victory of the season.