Aqib Talib not mad at Dallas cops for announcing mistaken arrest

Aqib Talib isn't mad at the Dallas Police Department. (USATSI)
Aqib Talib isn't mad at the Dallas Police Department. (USATSI)

Apparently Aqib Talib isn't a guy who holds grudges. The Broncos cornerback said on Tuesday that he holds no ill-will against the Dallas Police Department following a June 29 incident where the DPD said Talib had been arrested even though Talib hadn't been arrested. 

What actually happened is that Talib's brother Yaqub was arrested and police somehow mixed up the two and announced that Aqib had been arrested.

Aqib told the Boston Herald that he doesn't get confused for his brother often -- or really ever, for that matter.

"No, definitely not," Talib said when asked about being mistaken for his brother. "That doesn't happen too much. But that's some hard-working guys in Dallas. They were just doing their job and they made a mistake, an honest mistake, man. It happens sometimes, man."

Besides tweeting that Talib had been arrested, the DPD also tweeted that he had been 'throwing bottles' and was a 'danger to himself.' However, it looks like Aqib's just going to look the other way and have a fun story to tell over the holidays. 

So how did the mix-up happen? Here's the official explanation from the Dallas Police Department: 

Officers attempted to diffuse the situation and instructed everyone to leave, but Mr. Yaqub Talib continued the aggressive behavior and officers found him to be a danger to himself and others. He was placed under arrest for public intoxication.

Mr. Yaqub Talib presented his Texas driver’s license as identification. Supervisors at the scene notified the Communications Section that an NFL player from the Denver Broncos had been arrested but the Communications supervisor did not understand the spelling of the name and said she would Google the Broncos’ current roster for the spelling. A supervisor at communications confirmed the correct spelling of the Denver Broncos player as Aqib Talib from that roster and notified the command staff.

The moral of the story here seems to be that sometimes you can't believe everything you read on Twitter. 

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