Cardinals Bruce Arians: 'I don't feel like we need' a quarterback

PHOENIX -- In most mock drafts that you will see over the next month or so, you'll see the Cardinals selecting a quarterback. After all, they just cut Kevin Kolb and they're currently staring down a situation that involves starting Drew Stanton over Brian Hoyer.

Despite that, Bruce Arians claims he's not sweating the quarterback position.

"I don't feel like we need one," Arians said when asked about using an early pick on a quarterback.

Arians believes when it comes to the draft, you take talent, not need at a certain position.

"If you draft for need, you're going to bust," Arians said.

The irony here, of course, is that he's defending a BPA approach by fighting against drafting for need ... right after he claims his team doesn't need someone at a certain position.

But he's the coach, and it's his prerogative to defend his depth chart. It's also completely fair to look at the quarterbacks in this draft class and believe none are worthy of burning an early pick simply because you don't have a franchise passer already on your roster.

Arians mentioned that during the predraft process in 2012, he came out looking at the group of quarterbacks -- which included talent the likes of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson obviously -- and said, "Wow." It's simply not the same this season.

"No one in this draft made me go, 'Wow,'" Arians said.

And that's the thing: Just because you have a hole at quarterback doesn't mean you're required to fill it in the draft. Geno Smith is very good, and Matt Barkley is a total toss-up. But if you're not sure they're "the guy," then using a top-10 pick on them is only going to get you in trouble.

Investing in the wrong quarterback in the NFL can get you fired. Just ask the guys who were working in Arizona before Arians got there.

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