Everything's bigger in Texas, and Jerry Jones wants the NFL to take advantage of it in the offseason. In the case of the Dallas Cowboys, that adage is often literal, especially when it comes to the team's facilities -- be it AT&T Stadium in Arlington or The Star in Frisco. The latter is what Hall of Fame owner Jerry Jones wants the NFL and league Commissioner Roger Goodell to focus on as it relates to the NFL Scouting Combine, though. It's a facility perfectly designed to play host to the event and, to that point, the Cowboys will make a bid to do just that, sources tell CBS Sports.

Held in Indianapolis since 1987, the league has acquiesced to the exponential growth regarding popularity of the event along with a historically high involvement of prospects and media, and has finally opened the door for a possible move by allowing teams to stake their claim as to why they deserve to play host. The five-day event draws millions of viewers from around the globe and any location deemed worthy would have to be one that can provide an elite presentation of the NFL and handle all that comes with the combine from a logistics standpoint.

North Texas checks both of those boxes, and then some. 

Opened in August 2016, Jones openly admitted he constructed The Star with the combine in mind. It not only houses a state-of-the-art indoor practice facility -- The Ford Center -- but is also fleshed out into an environment that can only be equated to a small city. It's attached to The Omni Hotel and a list of other amenities that include four fields (two indoor and two outdoor). To sweeten the pot, the Cowboys would also likely package AT&T Stadium in the bid, essentially telling the league it would have carte blanche to two of the top facilities in the league (built at more than a billion dollars each) for a single event. The fact they're only 37 miles apart certainly doesn't hurt.

The Ford Center seats more than 12,000 and AT&T Stadium maxes out at more than 100,000, so space is more than ample and creature comforts are abound for all visitors. Jones' first shot at landing the combine will be for 2023, and you can bet he'll pull out all of the stops -- as he did when he successfully lobbied to play host to Super Bowl XLV.

He'll make the league an offer it probably couldn't refuse.