Refs botch review on Andrew Luck interception in Colts-Titans game

Luck and the Colts got hosed by the refs. (via @Bubbaprog)

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is having a rough day against the Titans, but it shouldn't be as statistically bad as it is because the referees absolutely choked on a review of a big-time play.

With the Colts facing a third-and-3, Luck took off and was grabbed from behind by Derrick Morgan. Inexplicably, Luck tried to force a throw to Reggie Wayne. The ball smacked Will Witherspoon in the chest. The Titans linebacker grabbed it and took off for an easy score, which you can see in GIF form right here:

One problem -- As you can see above, CBS' production crew did a marvelous job of slowing down the play frame by frame. It was clear Luck's knee was down on the ground before he threw the ball.

The play was automatically reviewed, of course, because it's a score and a turnover. Yet the refs managed to absolutely botch the call, awarding the Titans a touchdown after ruling Luck wasn't down.

It was a tough call but a brutal whiff on the review. Instead of an Indy punt, the Colts got the ball back down an extra seven points. Luck's decision to throw was horrible, but the mis-read on the review was worse.

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