There may not be a more entertaining fighter in the NHL than Jamie Benn right now. It's still early in the season, but the Dallas Stars captain has already had two of what are likely to be the most thrilling hockey fights of the year.

The first came a few weeks ago against New Jersey's Miles Wood, and the latest came against the Blue JacketsJosh Anderson on Monday night. The two decided to drop gloves in the first period and the tilt was a doozy.

Those are two big boys going at it. Benn is 6-foot-2, weighing in around 205 pounds, while Anderson clocks in at 6-foot-3, 221 lbs. Not exactly guys you want to run into when they're mad.

Both times Benn has dropped the gloves this year, what has ensued is basically an all-out offensive attack from both sides. Some guys like to grapple, size up their opponents and wait it out for an opening that may never come. Benn, however, seems more interested in just throwing bomb after bomb until one (or both) of the parties are flat on the ice. Anderson was clearly happy to oblige this time around.

As for a winner, well...there may not be one. Benn was clearly in command early, but Anderson bounced back with a strong finish. currently has 'Draw' as the majority vote-getter with around 40-percent of the responses.