These days, you don't often see many hockey fights quite like the one Jamie Benn and Miles Wood had on Tuesday night when the Stars and the Devils met in New Jersey. Both guys squared up and traded haymaker after haymaker for nearly 20 seconds, then they went their separate ways.

The spirited bout was reminiscent of old school hockey (for better or for worse) and it involved two rather large guys. Both are 6-foot-2, but Benn clocks in at about 20 pounds heavier than Wood. Still, it was a pretty even tilt that featured plenty of firepower.

Benn and Wood had been engaged in a heated discussion during a faceoff in the Devils' zone prior to the fight. Frustrations eventually boiled over and it became very clear that the animosity was real. 

The 29-year-old Benn, who serves as the Stars' captain, was likely also hoping the scrap would instill some fire in his team as they trailed 3-0 to New Jersey in the third period. After the fight, you can see him yelling over to his team's bench, appearing to yell "let's go" in an attempt to spark up a rally. 

Unfortunately for him, it didn't have the desired effect -- the score ultimately held until the final horn with the Devils winning, 3-0.