VIDEO: Drew Doughty's reaction to Alec Martinez's goal was priceless

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Even if you've been there before, the jubilation of winning a Game 7 in overtime to clinch a spot in the Stanley Cup Final is incredible. Just ask LA Kings defenseman Drew Doughty.

The best player in the Western Conference Finals series also had the best celebration -- or worst, depending on your view point. Have a look at the vine shared by @KyleWIIM:

It's only a couple of seconds but oh man, are they great. First there's the initial reaction to simply spaz out. Clearly jacked up, Doughty just pounds on the boards separating the benches while just going crazy, screaming and spinning.

The best is yet to come, though as Doughty takes the unconventional approach to getting on the ice for the celebration ... just falling over the boards. His arm tells the whole story, flailing as he falls.

An underrated part of this vine? The ladies right behind Doughty on the bench. There are some seriously sad faces right there.

I could watch this all day.

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