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Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo is being investigated by Italian police for violating COVID-19 rules, per BBC News. Ronaldo allegedly took a trip between the regions of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta in order to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday.

While it's since been deleted, there was a post on social media that showcased Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, in a snowmobile in a mountain resort. It was posted on the same day that Rodriguez turned 27 years old.

Because of the recent surge in COVID-19 deaths and infections in Italy, the country has been strict with its COVID-19 rules. Valle d'Aosta police are reportedly investigating Ronaldo's alleged trip to the Courmayeur ski resort. Because of COVID-19 regulations, travel between "orange zones" is forbidden unless the trip is for work or to travel to a second residence, which obviously Ronaldo's trip was not.

According to reports, Ronaldo and Rodriguez stayed overnight on Tuesday before returning to Turin, where Juventus calls home. Rodriguez also posted a photo of the couple celebrating her birthday back in Turin with family.

If it's found out that Ronaldo did break Italian COVID-19 protocols, he could be hit with a fine.

Back in October, Ronaldo tested positive for COVID-19, but was asymptomatic. The Juventus star was also criticized by Italy's minister for sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, for traveling to Portugal shortly prior to testing positive.