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Ronnie Brunswijk, vice president of the South American country of Suriname, returned to the pitch at 60 years old on Tuesday. Brunswijk started and played 54 minutes for Inter Moengotapoe in a CONCACAF League match against Olimpia. Brunswijk actually owns the club and serves as the team president.

He ended up serving as the captain and played well into the second half before being taken out. In doing so, Brunswijk became the oldest player to ever take the pitch in international club competition.

Unfortunately for Brunswijk, Inter Moengotapoe fell, 6-0, at the hands of Olimpia. Brunswijk completed 14 of his 17 attempted passes during his time on the field before he was replaced by his son, Damian. 

In 2002, Brunswijk helped build the club's new stadium, which he named Ronnie Brunswijkstadion. He doesn't have the greatest playing history.

  • Brunswijk was suspended by the Surinamese Football Association in 2005 after he threatened players with a handgun during a match
  • In June 2012, Brunswijk was suspended for one year because he acted violently towards a referee and player during a match

Brunswijk has been Suriname's vice president since July 2020. In 1985, Brunswijk was a rebel leader that formed the Surinamese Liberation Army, which was also known as the Jungle Commando.