Mexico's Miguel Herrera: 'We can win the World Cup'

Mexico manager Miguel Herrera bleeds optimism. (USATSI)

If you didn’t appreciate Jurgen Klinsmann’s rather blunt assessment of the US team’s chances in Brazil, perhaps you should move to Mexico, where optimism reigns free. 

Mexican manager Miguel Herrera told reporters on Thursday that his squad has the potential to claim their first World Cup title. 

Mind you, the Mexicans nearly failed to qualify for the World Cup, and have struggled in recent exhibition losses to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Portugal. In his defense, Mexico did manage to take home gold with a surprising 2-1 victory over Brazil at the London Olympics, but that was many coaches ago. Few have predicted Mexico even get out of Group A, let alone stride through the knockout rounds. 

Mexico opens Friday against Cameroon, a must-win if it wants to advance along with either Brazil or Croatia. Here's to hoping Klinsmann weighs in on this heavy matter. 

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