While it did not compare to All Elite Wrestling's first offering, Double or Nothing, the Fyter Fest event in Daytona Beach, Florida, on Saturday night was never supposed to be a major show. Still, despite that fact, it delivered a number of entertaining moments and continued the company's storylines as it approaches both Fight for the Fallen in July and All Out -- its next major event -- at the end of August.

There was another major blood spot involving Cody, a tremendous six-man tag team match featuring The Elite and a brutal unsanctioned match to end the card between Jon Moxley and Joey Janela. After that match, Kenny Omega attacked Moxley as retribution for what Moxley did to Omega and Chris Jericho at the end of Double or Nothing.

So what went down Saturday night in Daytona Beach? CBS Sports was with you the entire way updating this story with the latest results from the show. Check them out below.

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AEW Fyter Fest results, grades

Best Friends def. Private Party (via pinfall) and SCU (The Buy In): The winners of this match will earn a shot at All Out for a first-round by in the tag team championship tournament. A beautiful shooting star press by Marq Quen of Private Party got the first near fall and drew a light chant from the crowd. He later flipped out of an attempted German suplex from the top rope and assisted in a huricanrana cutter for another close count. With Quen out of the ring following a failed dive and SCU knocked out, the Best Friends took advantage of Isiah Kassidy, hitting Strong Zero for the 1-2-3. Perfect opening match for the show with non-stop action and a couple highlight moments. The Dark Order appeared on the big screen after the match to challenge the Best Friends. Suddenly, the lights went off and the group surrounded the ringside area; then the lights went off again and they were all gone. The post-match storyline was unnecessary in the moment and really cooled things off in the arena. Grade: C+

Fyter Fest failures: The Fyter Fest mockumentary storyline continued on the show with The Young Bucks complaining about accommodations while bikini models stationed on stage were replaced by plastic dolls. Later backstage, Omega was shown with wires and a piece for a drum kit only to be told it was not needed. The storyline was not played out through the rest of the show as it was completely forgotten on the main card.

Allie def. Leva Bates via pinfall (The Buy In): The dual Librarian gimmick also continued with Bates and Peter Avalon sushing each other and the crowd as they hit the ring. Avalon attempted to help Bates all match but proved to be more of a distraction, including when he threw a book in the ring as a foreign object late. Allie caught it instead and threw it to Bates, who got caught with a superkick and pinned. It was good for Allie to get a win ahead of her match with Brandi Rhodes next month, but this served no other purpose. Grade: D

Michael Nakazawa def. Alex Jebailey via pinfall in a hardcore match (The Buy In): The action in this one was weak, as to be expected given the participants are largely a comedy act and an amateur (that's being nice). That said, credit Jebailey for taking punishment, including a spear from Nakazawa off the ring apron and into a table waiting below at ringside and a kendo stick to the back. Nakazawa took a dangerous and botched German suplex onto the top of his head but was luckily OK. Jebailey then poured some LEGO-like buttons onto the canvas and back body dropped Nakazawa onto them but only got a two count after a cradle; Nakazawa reversed it to earn the win. Let's move on with our lives after that one. Grade: D-

CIMA def. Christopher Daniels via pinfall: After some nice back-and-forth action, including some time outside the ring, CIMA hit Daniels with a hanging backbreaker, powerbomb off the top rope and a meteora for the victory. It was a fine opening match but nothing spectacular, and the fourway likely would have been a better choice. Grade: C

Riho def. Nyla Rose (via pinfall) and Yuka Sakazaki: Rose properly played to her size against two more diminutive competitors. Yuka hit a 619 on Rose and followed with a double stomp from the top rope but did not even get a two count. Rose eventually caught Yuka for a side slam, but her nonchalant cover only resulted in a two count; she then hung Riho over the top rope and delivered a sick flying knee strike from the top rope for the moment of the night to that point but did not even try a pinning attempt. Yuka provided just enough distraction to slow Rose down so she would miss a senton from the top rope. Riho and Yuka both climbed to the top rope to splash Rose, but she caught both competitors, who pulled her down and got a 2.7 count on a double pinfall attempt. Riho eventually rolled up Rose with an interesting single-leg cradle to pick up the surprise win. Rose attacked Riho after the match, but Yuka saved her. This match started slow and rough, but all three competitors were quite entertaining over the final five minutes. Grade: C+

Hangman Page vs. MJF vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Jungle Boy: Page and Jungle Boy were by far the most over throughout the match, though MJF got some early heat with a promo calling the fans in attendance "nerds." When MJF and Page went head-to-head, MJF went after Page's injured left knee and was about to mock Bret Hart with a sharpshooter when Page stopped him and put on the same move. MJF hit a Heatseaker on Page, but Jungle Boy broke the count. Page attempted to hit a Buckshot Lariat on MJF but nailed Havoc instead when MJF dodged out of the way; he then followed with Dead Eye on Havoc for the victory. Entertaining match that told a solid story throughout and put Page over -- and continued his feud with MJF -- as we still await his AEW world title match with Chris Jericho in two months. Grade: B

Cody vs. Darby Allin ended in a time-limit draw (20 minutes): This was a fun pairing as Allin's quick, athletic style added bursts of excitement to what was otherwise a slow and plodding match. Cody wrestled aggressively the entire bout and mostly dominated the action until Allin hit a springboard tornado and bullet-like dive through the ropes, which Cody soon countered in kind. Allin nailed Cody with a Code Red, and Cody responded with an inverted superplex. After biting Cody's hand, Allin tried an elbow drop onto the ring apron; Cody avoided it by rolling into the ring, and Allin landed flat on his spine in a brutal result. Back in the ring, Cody zipped Allin up in a body bag that Allin actually brought to the ring. He hit him with a Disaster Kick while in the bag and then unzipped it for the pinfall attempt in an unnecessary spot that really slowed down an interesting finish. At that point, with time ticking down, Cody removed his weight belt and beat Allin with it. Cody then hit a Cross Rhodes on Allin but time ran out as the referee counted three.

As the crowd chanted for AEW to restart the match, Sean Spears ran into the ring and blasted Cody with a unprotected chairshot to the dome that opened a gash on the back of Cody's head; Cody not putting his hands up was ridiculous in 2019, though AEW admitted the chair was gimmicked after the show. MJF immediately ran to the ring and SCU soon followed as the back of Cody's head was completely covered in blood. Cody sold the chair shot as potentially being concussed as Dean Malenko and Brandi Rhodes helped him to the back. Most of the match was average at best, but the finish was solid as giving Allin a draw with Cody should help him. The post-match angle was below average, not simply due to the gash. Grade: C+

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid: The Bucks came out as Ken and Ryu, and Omega showed up as Akuma -- all from "Street Fighter;" ring announcer Justin Roberts played up the theme by announcing "Round 1 ... fight!" to begin the match. The match started with a hot double superkick into a huricanrana by the lucha team. Matt Jackson hit three northern lights suplexes (including a double) that rocked the crowd. Laredo Kid hit a fantastic tope suicida diving through the legs of Penta El Zero M, who was stretching the ropes open. Omega hit a trio of snapdragon suplexes to slow down the lucha team, but they quickly retook the advantage as Penta literally threw his brother Ray Fenix over the ringpost into Nick Jackson. All six competitors traded superkicks before the luchas hit a trio of them and then The Elite countered with three hadoukens (a touch-less move from "Street Fighter") and three powerbombs.

Fenix hit a cutter on Omega before he could hit a tope con hilo, and Nick hit a reverse cutter on Fenix to even the sides. Matt then picked up Penta outside the ring for a Meltzer Driver, but Fenix stopped Nick's attempted leap by hitting a stunning Spanish fly off the top rope onto the duo. Back in the ring, Omega hit a Tiger Driver 98 on Laredo Kid but only got a 2.8 count; he followed with a V-trigger and One-Winged Angel for the 1-2-3. This match was pure action, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit the hadoukens momentarily took me out of the "athletic" part of the competition, which is what AEW is supposed to be about, though the Elite were playing to a unique audience in that moment. Pure fun from start to finish. Grade: A-

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela in an unsanctioned match: AEW gimmicked the end of the actual Fyter Fest show by turning the lights out and then turning them back on to begin this match. The first major spot came as Moxley avoided a senton by Janela, which resulted in Jalena hitting the move onto a chair. Moxley then introduced a barbed wire chair that he stomped onto Janela as the crowd chanted "you sick f---," leading Moxley to bow. Janela then hit a huricanrana onto Moxley, sending him onto the chair before smacking him over the back with it. Up next was a Russian leg sweep from the ring apron into a chair outside; Moxley followed by driving Janela spine first into another table propped up in the corner. A barbed wire board was put in another corner as two tables were setup next to each other at ringside; Moxley was thrown into the former, and Janela soon set a ladder in the ring, climbing it to drive an elbow into Moxley through the tables.

Janela set up another barbed wire board between the ring apron and the barricade, but in attempting to make sure fans were not hurt, Janela lost his advantage. Moxley woke up, picked Janela up and hit a death valley bomb over the top rope and into the board. Moxley then poured thumbtacks into the ring and immediately pulled off the boots and socks of Janela, exposing his bare feet. Moxley hit Janela with a release suplex onto the tacks, but Janela begged for more and gave Moxley the finger; he obliged by pouring a second set of tacks in the ring and hitting Paradigm Shift for the victory. This was a solid hardcore/unsanctioned match with a couple great spots that fans loved, but there was basically zero wrestling and very little in the way of psychology. It was violence for the sake of violence and their storyline had not really built up enough for this to be necessary as the blow-off (and in this case, lone) match. Grade: B-

Omega attacks Moxley: After the match, in the inverse of what happened at Double or Nothing, an enraged Omega ran down to the ring and drilled Moxley with a V-trigger. He then placed Moxley between two table scraps and delivered a stomp from the top rope to the outside of the ring. The two brawled near the set and Omega drilled Moxley over the back with an electric guitar before walking away. Omega looked to have walked away but quickly returned with a trash can; he hit Moxley with his own Paradigm Shift into the can before standing on the set to an ovation from the crowd as Moxley smiled and cackled on the ground. This was a good moment to continue their rivalry into All Out, but it was more Moxley's style than that of Omega. Grade: B