Abilene Christian student heaves ball into the stands on half-court shot with $1,000 prize on the line

A student at Abilene Christian University in Texas had the chance to win $1,000 after he was called up to take a half-court shot during a basketball game between the Wildcats and the Arlington Baptist Patriots. Unfortunately for that student, he did not come out of the contest one grand richer but instead ended up failing pretty miserably on the attempt. Thanks to the internet, now the whole world can see his L. 

ACU posted the epic fail of a shot on their Twitter page, where the student can be seen chucking the ball into the stands with great force. Can the Statcast crew get us the exit velocity and trajectory of that ball? 

Just a little off there, but hey, you gotta shoot your shot.

He seemed rather calm leading up to the stressful situation and then went 0 to 100 real quick when he threw the ball like he was throwing a Hail Mary pass into the end zone. He slammed it into the seats of the Moody Coliseum in causing fans to move out of the way.

I have never been in a half-court shot competition so I can't speak to the pressure it creates, but it seems like whatever pressure there is got to this guy.

The Wildcats did a lot better than the contestant and beat their opponent in both team's season opener, 90-39. 

ACU will face Drexel on Sunday. No word yet on if this contestant will get a redemption shot. 

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