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Division III Grinnell took 111 shots against Emmaus Bible College on Thursday and every single one of the shots were 3-point attempts. The Pioneers' 111 attempted 3-pointers set the NCAA single-game record for most 3-point attempts in a game. 

What's more, they connected on 40 of them, shooting a respectably efficient 36% from beyond the arc in a blowout 124-67 win. (The missing four points there for you math wizards came from the free-throw line.) Its 40 made 3-pointers was two shy of Grinnell's own single-game record set four years ago against Emmaus when it made 42 3-pointers in a win.

Grinnell coach David Arseneault Jr. takes after his father, David Arseneault, who during his decades-long tenure as a college coach -- primarily at Grinnell -- was known for his high-scoring and unique norm-breaking tactics. Arseneault twice had a player break 100 points in a single game during his tenure with Grinnell and on three separate occasions the program set the Division III single-game scoring record.