The NCAA's Committee on Infractions panel failed to respond to Donnie Tyndall's appeal by Tuesday's deadline, according to a motion obtained by CBS Sports that was filed by Tyndall's attorney. The motion is asking that the Infractions Appeals Committee now deny acceptance of the eventual response because of the missed deadline.

The Committee on Infractions announced in April that it had found Tyndall guilty of, among other things, acting unethically while failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance at Southern Miss when he allegedly directed his staff to engage in academic misconduct and then tried to cover it up. Tyndall, 46, was subsequently hit with a 10-year show-cause penalty that runs through April 2026.

Tyndall filed an appeal via a 113-page document earlier this summer in which he asked that the Committee on Infractions' findings be vacated because "they are clearly contrary to the information presented to the panel." Initially, the NCAA had until July 5 to formally respond. But, according to Tyndall's attorney, Don Jackson, the panel was granted a two-week extension until Tuesday at 5 p.m. ET.

"However, the Panel failed to submit a response to Tyndall's written appeal as of 5 p.m. ET on July 19, 2016," Jackson wrote in the filed motion obtained by CBS Sports. "In accordance with the policies and procedures of the Infractions Appeals Committee, any submission of a response by the Panel after the deadline should be considered untimely. ... Wherefore, Donnie Tyndall moves this Committee to deny the acceptance of a response of the Panel to the written appeal of Donnie Tyndall for failure to make a timely filing. Donnie Tyndall further requests that the Infractions Appeals Committee immediately set aside all factual findings and penalties imposed against Donnie Tyndall by the Committee on Infractions."

Tyndall coached Southern Miss for two seasons before leaving the school to be Tennessee's head coach in April 2014. Less than a year later, in March 2015, UT fired Tyndall amid the NCAA's investigation.