Kentucky coach John Calipari has thrived using one-and-done players. So his defense of those criticizing the culture should be no surprise.

Calipari has been vocal about his support before, recently with Charles Barkley, putting his critics in their place regarding his opinion of what best suits those players' interests.

When approached by a TMZ reporter this week, the reporter cut straight to the point. "How do we keep players there more than one year?" he asked.

Calipari was consistent with his message, making a point that might alter the stance of some critics.

"If it's your son, you want him out in a year to go to the NBA," he said. "If it's someone else's son, you want him in for four years.

"Look, I'm for the kids," Calipari continued. "Whatever's best for them, I'm all in."

Is it less than optimal that top talent is around only for one season? Or that coaches spend years recruiting these players, only to have them around for 10 months? Yes and yes. But is it easy to understand the logic for the players? Absolutely.

These players are worth millions of dollars. Calipari benefits from supporting these players at his NBA talent factory. Supporting them is in his best interest. But if you think if it in terms of your own son, it makes a lot of sense.