NEW YORK -- Providence coach Ed Cooley ripped his britches during the Big East Tournament championship game on Saturday night. Given the gravity of the game and the back-and-forth nature of what turned out to be an overtime thriller, Cooley decided there was no time for a quick change.

So he made do by covering up best he could with some spare Gatorade towels.

The Big East Tournament has made for so many memorable moments over the past four decades. Cooley's Gatorade towel-skirt/pants snafu is up there with one of the most unexpected. 

"When I sat down I felt the great breeze in the crack," Cooley said afterward.

Cooley's a naturally animated coach, so splitting his pants seems like it was an inevitability -- especially when the stakes were as high as they were on Saturday.

Had Providence won the game, and the Big East title, it would have gone down in school and conference lore. But after an dramatic rally to get the game to overtime, Villanova pulled away 76-66 to win its third Big East Tournament title in four years. Jalen Brunson left a lasting impression on those voting for National Player of the Year: he had 31 points on 12-of-23 shooting and hit two big foul shots with 30 seconds remaining to get the game to overtime.

Mikal Bridges added 25 for Villanova. Kyron Cartwright capped off a tremendous three-game showing in Manhattan with 19 crucial points, including leading the charge to get the game to a bonus session.

Villanova's win probably solidifies its spot on the No. 1 line for the NCAA Tournament. By nature of its wins over Creighton and Xavier on Thursday and Friday, Providence is also comfortably in the field.