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Following their NCAA Tournament run ending on Saturday, the Michigan women's basketball team went through a horrifying ordeal as their charter plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Evansville, Indiana. According to the Detroit News, the plane began to lose cabin pressure while it was flying through a storm.

The team was on its way back to Ann Arbor following its loss to Baylor in the NCAA Tournament -- which was played in San Antonio.

Michigan assistant coach Toyelle Wilson chronicled the terrifying situation on her Twitter account. In addition, she also posted a photo of the Wolverines seated on the plane after the plane made a safe landing.

"Just went through the worst flying experience," Wilson tweeted. "We are flying back to MI & hit a storm- lost pressurization- the oxygen masks dropped from the compartments," Wilson wrote. "Told bc we dropped at a certain feet & had to use them. We have just emergency landed in Evansville, IN. Please pray for us."

Michigan media relations representative Sarah VanMetre told the Detroit News that there were no injuries suffered when the plane was forced to make the emergency landing. Understandably, players were reportedly very concerned after oxygen masks were deployed within the charter plane.