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Michigan basketball signee Jett Howard had a memorable weekend at the Iverson Classic. He left Bartlett High School as the 3-point shooting contest winner on Friday and earned MVP honors on Saturday, but perhaps the most important moment was getting some words of wisdom by Allen Iverson himself. 

Howard committed to the Wolverines last October and will be playing for his father Juwan Howard -- a former NBA All-Star. Iverson was seen giving Jett a long hug while talking to him about the importance of listening to his father. "Uncle Chuck" admitted that at the young player's age sometimes it's easy to think fathers don't know what they are talking about, but he reassured Howard that his dad had "been there, done that."

"You're great, man. You're going to be great regardless of this hoop s--t or not," Iverson said. "Just be a great dude like your m---------ing daddy. You tell him I love him, and I love you too. Anything you need from me, I'm here dawg. Uncle Chuck is here, baby."  

(Warning: NSFW language)

The four-star IMG Academy small forward is well on track to follow his father's footsteps if he wishes to do so. He led Team Honor to a 120-110 victory against Team Loyalty on Saturday's All-America game with 20 points going 9-of-12 from the field. During the broadcast, former NBA player JR Smith said Howard looked like the "the most pro-ready guy" at the event, which is a not a small complement as the rosters are typically filled with future college stars. The audience that shows up doesn't take away any of the pressure. Even Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant flew in after his the Grizzlies' Game 6 win to make an appearance. 

Howard certainly has talent, but during their talk Iverson made sure to let him know that basketball should not be his main priority.