After a 77-62 victory for Notre Dame over Colgate, junior point guard Matt Farrell was hit with a big surprise.

His brother, Bo Farrell, who is on deployment, was shown on the video board in his military gear with a special message for him. He expressed his excitement to see him soon.

But it was more than a video message. After the clip, his brother greeted him in front of a roaring Notre Dame fan as the two embraced with tears.

"I didn't know he was here," Farrell told the Indianapolis Star after the game. "I just thought he was doing that thing from over there. I thought that's why the video was staticky at first. But when it zoomed out and I saw the locker room, man, it was all she wrote."

Asked if it was the best Christmas present ever by reporters after the game, he didn't waste a second to answer.

"Oh yeah, by far. By far. We don't ask much for Christmas, anyway. So this is the best Christmas present I've ever had."