Jimbo Fisher had huge expectations entering this season at Texas A&M after getting a monster contract to leave Florida State. The Aggies have started the season 2-2 with losses to perennial playoff teams Clemson and Alabama, but Fisher drew the most attention to himself in a 24-17 win over Arkansas at the Cowboys' AT&T Stadium on Saturday. Fisher grabbed a Texas A&M linebacker's face mask in the huddle during a timeout, taking more steps toward him after shoving him away.

Backlash for the altercation was swift. People simply don't see a situation in which it's acceptable to do that to a player. Naturally, once the clip went viral it only garnered more negative attention.

A few NFL players even gave their opinions on the face mask, including Eagles defensive end Chris Long and Saints tight end Benjamin Watson.

Obviously in today's college football world, coaches are always recruiting. If the wrong player sees this, it could drive him away from Texas A&M. But more than that, current players understandably don't like being manhandled by coaches.

On Monday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Danny Kanell and Raja Bell talk about Fisher's antics, and they break down the aftermath of the clip -- especially once it went viral. They talk about the current state of coaching, and how coaches' roles have changed in terms of player interaction. Texas A&M is heading into the teeth of its SEC schedule, so all eyes will be on Fisher to see how he handles close games moving forward.

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