LOOK: Nevada utilizes scenes from 'The Office' to break down its 2019 football schedule

Have you ever found yourself sitting at home, flipping through the guide on your television for something to watch, and flip to an episode of "The Office"? You figure you'll watch an episode or maybe two, but the next thing you know you've watched five? It happens to the best of us because "The Office" -- at least the seasons with Michael Scott -- are very re-watchable. You could have seen an episode multiple times, but you'll still laugh at the jokes, and you might even pick up on a gag you missed the first time through.

Apparently, it's also a good show to find material for your schedule announcement. That's what Nevada did, using scenes from episodes to describe the opponents on its upcoming 2019 schedule.

I have the shirt Dwight is wearing, with the three howling wolves on it because, I mean, Dwight's right. It's a pretty sweet shirt.

As for the schedule, I'd argue that this was very well done, but I do worry about including Robert California in it while announcing San Jose State. I'm sure the word California was the closest reference to San Jose or Spartans that Nevada could find, but man, those Robert California seasons post-Michael Scott were lean.

Hopefully Nevada fares better down the home stretch of its schedule than "The Office" did.

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