College Basketball 2018 Northeast Tournament

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Key visit weekends are taking place at Kentucky, Arizona, Oregon, Auburn and other places this weekend.
The coaches who need to win on the court -- or keep their name out of federal court -- to keep their jobs
Individual Leaders
1. J. Robinson MOUNT22.0
2. J. Hernandez LIU20.5
3. J. King SFTRPA18.2
4. D. Burke ROBERT17.6
5. R. Clark LIU17.3
1. J. Cooper WAGNER6.1
2. J. Robinson MOUNT4.8
3. I. Ndugba BRYANT4.6
4. J. Jenkins FDU4.4
5. J. Agosto LIU4.2
1. K. Braxton SFTRPA9.5
2. J. Lopez SACHRT9.2
3. C. Wray MOUNT8.3
4. T. Kohl CCTST8.2
5. R. Clark LIU7.0
1. C. Wray MOUNT62.2
2. D. Bute CCTST60
3. R. Clark LIU55.6
4. M. Matasovic SACHRT55.5
5. M. Jones CCTST52.7
TeamConf. W-LTot. W-LRPI Rank
St. Fran.-Pa.12-618-13178
Mt St Marys12-618-14225
St. Fran.-NY10-813-18276
Robert Morris9-916-17196
F. Dickinson9-913-18254
Sacred Heart5-1310-21321