Zimmerman has been working with Daniel Murphy and hitting coach Rich Schu to change the launch angle of his swing, The Washington Post reports.

The 32-year-old first baseman could end up being a poster child for the use of newer stats like exit velocity and launch angle if he can find a way to elevate the ball more in 2017. Zimmerman produced the worst OPS of his career last season due to his inability to get consistent loft when he made contact, but his elite exit velocity suggested he's still got the juice in his bat to do some damage if he can make the necessary adjustments. Murphy turned his career around a couple of years ago by changing his launch angle, and the Nats are hoping he can pass on his secrets to Zimmerman. Even so, he's got a lot to prove this year, so the veteran remains an endgame dart in most fantasy formats rather than a player you can rely on to contribute.

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