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The clubs Tiger Woods used at the 2022 Masters weren't exactly kind to him, as he finished in 47th place at 13 over in his return to the links. However, and old pair of Tiger's clubs also had a big weekend.

Woods' "Tiger Slam" clubs, which were used when he won all four majors in 2000 to 2001, sold for a whopping $5,156,152 at Golden Age Auctions, according to USA Today. The clubs were originally bought by Todd Brock in 2010, who won the clubs at auction with a bid of $57,242 back then. That's an enormous profit of $5,098,920 for Brock.

The set of clubs include nine Titleist 681-T irons, 2-iron through pitching wedge and two Vokey wedges. Both of the wedges have "TIGER" inscribed on them and the eight-iron has a wear pattern in the middle of the club's face.

Woods captured the U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship in 2000 and became the second golfer in history to hold three major victories in the same year. Then, Woods won the Masters in 2001 and became the first golfer to hold the four major golf championships at the exact same time.  

In order to authenticate the "Tiger Slam" clubs, the irons come with an affidavit as well as polygraph test results from former Titleiest vice president Steve Mata, which were conducted back in 2010.

"We can say with 100 percent confidence that these clubs were used by Tiger Woods during his legendary 2000-01 seasons," Golden Age Auctions owner told PGATour.com.

The clubs sold for more money than any piece of golf memorabilia ever has. The most expensive piece of golf memorabilia had been the green jacket Horton Smith wore after winning the inaugural Masters, which went for $682,000 nine years ago.