MIAMI -- Walking around the main concourse of Marlins Park, one stumbles upon something glorious. Well, at least it's glorious to anyone with the good taste to know that bobbleheads are awesome and bobbleheads of baseball-related things are particularly awesome. 

Behold: The Bobblehead Museum.

The display is roughly behind home plate on the main concourse. Matt Snyder, CBS Sports
A closer look. See if you can pick out any of your favorite players. Matt Snyder, CBS Sports
A cross-section look at the shape of the museum. Matt Snyder, CBS Sports
Some of the bobbleheads are signed, such as this Jason LaRue one. Matt Snyder, CBS Sports
You can even search for a player's name and it'll give you the location of the bobblehead. Matt Snyder, CBS Sports

Perhaps the most cool feature? The bottom of the case shakes, so all the heads are bobbling:

What a nice touch. Cool feature, Marlins Park! 

In related news, the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee has created an All-Star special bobblehead of Billy the Marlin: 

Matt Snyder, CBS Sports

It's available on their online store for those interested.